Geography 'Water Jigsaw' - Year 7

In Geography this term, Year 7 students are learning about water in the world – focussing on water as an example of a renewable environmental resource. As a part of this unit, students this week got the chance to take part in real-world learning through exploring both the Barwon River and Barwon Water, with the overarching purpose to identify problems with water at a local level. This saw students, in pairs, sent to either Wurdibuloc Reservoir, Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant or various urban sites along the Barwon River, to become ‘experts’ in water use at that area for the rest of their extended group.

Once we all returned, students were able to use the school’s new and improved library space to ‘jigsaw’ their new knowledge with the rest of their group.  Groups were then able to consolidate their learning by mapping the Barwon River system then, using a technique called ‘Mud Mapping’, showing and telling how the river works through a pitch of their conceptual model to the rest of their class.

We are so excited to continue to build on this experience over the coming weeks and would also like to take this opportunity to thank both Rick Geall and Wayne Durran for their support. 

Nicola Morrish & Victoria Kent


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