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Prefects for 2019

The month of August signals for us to commence our process for selecting College and House Prefects for next year. This process will be explained to the current Year 11 students in two weeks time with applications opening just after this. 

All of our Year 11 students will hear of the process and what we are looking for in our College and House Prefects. It is not just about the “blue blazer”, but serving others in a clear a manner aligned with their faith. 

Interested students are asked to write an application which is duly considered. They may apply for both College and House Prefects, or only one. If they are successful in gaining an interview then they will need to prepare a presentation that explains how they will perform these duties of a College or House Prefect, addressing the criteria given. This is in front of a panel. Not all applicants will receive an interview.

After this, the final decision is made and all applicants receive an email as to their appointment, or not being successful.

Those selected as a College and House Prefect will undertake Prefect training on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th November.


Student Learning Conferences

We held our student learning conferences for students undertaking a Unit 3 & 4 on Tuesday evening at Senior School. We wish to thank all of the parents, guardians and students who attended, - the evening was a huge success.

The purpose was to hear of the progress of each student, as well as teachers to hear from the parents and guardians, more about their son or daughter.

We encourage this dialogue to continue and with in-time reporting, the level of communication is now greater than ever. If, as parents or guardians, you ever feel a bit overwhelmed or undecided with what to do to support your son or daughter, then please contact the Housegroup teacher first and then the Year Level Co-ordinator who will help assist you.


Subject Selection now Open

Subject Selection for 2019 is now open.  Any questions please phone Senior Campus on 5241 1577.


East Timor Trivia Evening

The East Timor Trivia Evening is on Friday 10th August at the Geelong West Town Hall.

The purpose of the evening is to raise funds for our school in Viqueque, East Timor. The Prefects have been collecting a range of items to be auctioned. If you have any items that you are happy to donate then please contact me at Senior School.

On the evening we encourage families to come along and enjoy a night of fun.

You do not have to buy anything but we know that there are many bargains on offer.


Sleep, the forgotten gold………..

In a recent news item which I listened to intently, an expert discussed the importance of a solid sleep. This is when our body is in a deep sleep as distinct from a shallow sleep.

Experts are united in saying that to get into a deep sleep we need to think more of what happens before our head hits the pillow.

Screen time should not occur just prior to sleep. It activates our brain and keeps us awake even if we do fall asleep, that sleep is shallow. While on screen our eyes twitch and or our brain is working overtime. It takes time to bring our brain down to a passive state, ready for deep sleep.

Students should keep away from laptop and phone interaction at least an hour before going to sleep. Television does not fare much better and should also be avoided. Reading or listening to music is the best way to spend that hour before retiring for the night.

The other aspect of this interesting item was the effect of having your phone next to you while you sleep. Again, this prevents some from slipping into that deep sleep. While we may be asleep we will subconsciously be aware of the device. A text message received and that noise may very well awake us. The phone should be in another room.

I encourage you to have this conversation at home and to try some variations to see if your deep sleep may improve.


Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School - Waurn Ponds


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