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Hello everyone,

We’ve had a super fun week up at Senior School, as we’ve spent our lunchtimes battling it out in the highly entertaining and very competitive House ‘Nerd Comp’! Wednesday saw Burrows sneak a cheeky win in the Maths round table comp, before the Panthers claimed victory in Thursday’s Letters and Numbers. As I write this piece, the win still hangs in the balance, with the grand finale of Friday’s Spelling Bee ready and waiting for Taylor to claim the win (here’s hoping!).

This week, Mr Fanning, Year 12 Coordinator and English Teacher, has offered to give us a little profile into his own road to, and work as a teacher, as well as some great advice for all of us as students going forward.

What are your Teaching Fields?

“I Teach English and History at Senior Campus, although I’ve taught from Prep-12 in my career, including a year teaching grade Prep-2 in Calgary, Canada. As well as English and History, I’ve taught Science, Maths, PE and Health at Secondary level. I have also taught at Norlane West Primary School and Lara Secondary College.


When you were at School what was your Favourite Subject?

“My Favourite subject at school was Year 12 Literature…even though I was the only boy in a class of 20 girls at Sacred Heart!”


Before you came to teach at Christian College, what sort of study and life experience did you gain?

“I first got my teaching degree at Deakin University, and am actually currently doing a Masters of Gifted Education through Arizona State. Apart from teaching, I also have a fork lift licence from a previous life and career that included working on an Estate in Yorkshire, doing dry wall, roof tiling and building pheasant fences.”


What is one thing you wished you had known about careers whilst in High School?

In high school I knew that I wanted to be a pilot- that was until Year 10. Now I wish I’d taken maths more seriously to do so.


Any advice for students making future plans for after graduation?

“ My advice is, if you’re not fully committed or enjoying life as a uni student, take a year or two, work, travel, get some life experiences and then start your study once you feel ready.”


Thankyou Mr Fanning for being a part of this week’s careers spot!

Have a wonderful week everyone,


Meg Heathcote

School Prefect


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