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This week students in Years 11 & 12 are involved in “Future’s Week”. Each morning the day has commenced with a short presentation from a representative of a post-school education provider. A variety of choices have been available each day. In light of this introduction to some learning providers in Victoria we have attached this week a link to a website – Graduate Opportunities. Although our students are not yet ‘graduates’ the link is to an interesting page related to the latest statistics on where graduates from various fields of study are working, the percentage of those employed and salary outlook. Perhaps just some reading to follow on from the opportunity to spend a little time contemplating future pathways. Click here for details.

If your child is in Year 10 the Herald Sun this week (July 19) included the 2016 VCE Planner Year 10 Guide. This publication explains how the VCE works, choosing VCE subjects, as well as pre-requisites for various courses when current Year 10 students may begin further tertiary study in 2019. Some copies would be available at school for photocopying if needed. 


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