Year 9 Girl Empowering Program

For the first five weeks of Term 3, the Year 9 girls will be taking part in a Girl Empowerment program. The aim of this program is to immerse the girls in an environment where they will gain knowledge to empower themselves, and in turn, give power to those less fortunate. Each morning they will gather together in Devotions to learn about the lives of other females throughout the world. We will explore different women’s stories through staff sharing, articles, personal experiences and two documentaries. These will be explored more during a single teaching period each week. Ideas and questions will be developed further with Kim Ali, Acting Director of the Back Creek Farm. Later in the year, during the Year 9 Community Day, the girls will complete a project that will benefit young women who are disadvantaged.

Angela Tutty and Deb Singleton
Year 9 Homeroom Teachers


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