Message from the Chaplain

Hi Parents,

My name is Gary Crole and I am the Christian College Bellarine Campus Chaplain. In the coming months I will be contributing to our Campus newsletter with some interesting websites and information that could be helpful to us as parents. In the first instalment I will begin a series on the internet.

Let’s face it, the internet is an integral part of young people’s lives. Used responsibly, the online environment is a great place for our children to socialise and maintain friendships, be entertained, download and watch music and movies, play games, to search for information and to learn.

The ever changing nature of the internet can pose challenges for parents who wish to keep on top of their children’s technology use. While children might seem to be tech savvy, they still need a parent’s guiding hand to help make sure their online experience is positive and safe. 

Helping kids to stay safe online is something many us as parents are concerned about. Knowing about potential risks and how to deal with them can help manage negative situations. 

I want to refer you to an Australian Government website: This site provides lots of information and strategies in order to support you in this area. 


I will highlight various aspects of this topic over the coming weeks and months.

Take care everyone and please contact me if there is a need and you want some help.

Gary Crole


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