Year 12 Student Learning Conferences

I wish to thank all those parents of students studying Year 12 subjects who braved the elements to meet with their son’s or daughter’s teachers on Tuesday evening. These are important meetings and you will have received valuable feedback on their progress. 

The Year 12 VCE students are coming to the end of their courses and there needs to be clear guidance from the teachers and support from home. Encouraging your son or daughter to have a regular time to complete homework and commence study is vital. We are creatures of habit. While it takes time to develop a habit, they may be lost quickly.

Studying or revising should never be left until the course is completed. The student whom achieves at the higher level revises as they go, so when the course is finished they may commence their practice examinations immediately.

The Year 12 VCAL students will be organising their apprenticeships and other pathways. It is excellent to hear of so many who have a pathway already and enjoy very much their time each Friday at their work placement.



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