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Hi Parents, 

Hope you are all well.

Continuing with our series on the internet, taking a look at “Social Networking”, which plays a major part in young people’s lives beginning in junior school as children are becoming more aware of what phones and other devices can offer.

Have a quick read below about social networking and don’t forget the link to… which will inform you in more detail about the internet and the part us as parents can play.

Social networking

Social networking is a large part of the social identity of young people. They are avid users of a range of social networking services including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. 

Many kids also network through playing online games like Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters and World of Warcraft.

All of these services provide fun and engaging ways to: 

• stay connected and interact with friends and family

• post information and updates about themselves and their activities

• share photos and videos

• chat and play games

• comment on other people’s photos, posts and profiles.

It can be difficult to resist the ‘pester power’ of your kids when it comes to allowing them to engage on social media, especially when their friends may be allowed. There is a risk they may feel alienated, but ultimately you know your child best and whether they can handle the responsibilities and pressures of being on social media. 

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Gary Crole
Bellarine Campus Chaplain


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