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At this time of year it is very important for all Year 12 students to understand how to apply for courses, applying for special consideration and applying for scholarships to undertake Tertiary Studies. Following their attendance at the recent Geelong Careers Practitioners VTAC Information Session, our Careers Guidance Counsellors, Mrs Dianne Swann, Mr Syd Strauch and Mrs Robyn Smith, presented the most up to date and relevant information to all Year 12 students about applying these processes. Key dates relevant for all Year 12 students wishing to apply for a Tertiary course are printed below. Please click here to find attached the full presentation delivered to Year 12 students. As we are aware that it is important for parents and guardians to also understand these processes, we encourage you to read through this information and discuss it with your child. Please do not hesitate to contact Dianne Martin (Deputy Head of Campus) if you wish to discuss a possible application of special consideration for your child. Please also contact the Careers Counsellors at Senior School if you have any specific questions in relation to the Tertiary course application process. 



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