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Over the past week, three of the Senior VCAL students have spent time giving pathways advice to Year 10 students. Jack Heathcote, Liam Warren and James Jenkinson presented to the whole Year 10 cohort at Year Level Assembly. They spoke very well about studying VCAL for Year 11 and 12 and shared their experiences from work placement. They also provided excellent advice about organising a work placement and setting up a School-Based Apprenticeship. The boys then spent time with the Year 10 Certificate class, giving them an in-depth insight into what VCAL can offer them and alleviating a lot of anxiety! Earlier in the term we also had two VCE and VCE/VET students speak about their pathways. Naomi Caufield and Cain Mackay offered mature advice about their individual pathways over Year 11 and 12. Paul Breguet and myself are very grateful as Year 10 Coordinators to have these outstanding young men and women share their experiences with the Year 10’s.

Celeste Pryke - Year Level Coordinator - Year 10


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