From the Chaplains

Hi! We are Georgie and Chappy, the two Middle School Chaplains. Our hope is that the students would see us as safe people to connect with, that we provide a listening ear, caring presence with a message of hope. We provide pastoral care which is strongly valued and promoted at our school. We love to get alongside students if they are struggling with any kind of issue ranging from peer pressure, friendship difficulties, low self-esteem, depression or family breakdown. We like to work alongside the Heads of Campus and Homeroom Teachers to offer the best support possible, keeping in mind that confidentiality is a high priority. 

Throughout the year, we also team up and run events like the 40 hour famine, prayer days, devotions and RU OK day. Our aim to proactively seek opportunities to build life skills and emotional resilience in our students through mentoring relationships and programs. 

Chappy is married, a father to four daughters and has over 20 years experience in pastoral care, ministry and chaplaincy. 

Georgie is married and currently expecting her first child. Georgie has over 9 years experience working with young people and is passionate about helping them discover hope and purpose!

We hope to bring you relevant articles and messages throughout the Semester to support you in your parenting journey.


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