From the Coordinator - Year 5 Learning

Mr. Nick Rice - Yr 5 Coordinator.

As a Year 5 cohort, we are constantly challenging our students to become better learners and apply taught skills to enable them to become better thinkers and problem solvers. As part of this terms History unit, Year 5 students are learning about Colonial Australia. Students are exploring many events and people that have shaped our history.

Students have been provided with an opportunity to prepare and present a picture story book. They have been instructed to include timelines, a biography, detailed illustrations as well as a ‘historical narrative’ in the form of a picture story book. We will be dedicating time to revising and editing this work from fellow peers and teachers. As part of engaging the students, staff member Penny Edmanson has organised a visit from an author who specialises in picture story books.

One of the most exciting aspects of this project will be encouraging the students to document their thoughts, ideas, challenges and successes in a Learning Journal Portfolio. After this project is complete, students will be given their own opportunity to make an author visit, by reading their story to the Year 4 students at Junior School. To make it more authentic, students will be dressing as their character and share some artefacts they have discovered or created that relates to their story.

As teachers we are excited to be sharing this journey over the remaining weeks of term and we look forward to the students continuing to develop the skills and knowledge with this task that can be used in other areas of the curriculum and for their future learning.



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