40 Hour Famine

This year Christian College Middle School is participating in the 40 Hour Famine. World Vision has been raising funds through the 40 hour famine for many years now with a desire to wipe out global poverty. Students have been invited to participate by choosing to give something up for 40 hours over the weekend of the 19 – 21 August. Students are choosing to give up things like food, furniture, social media etc. In order to fundraise, they are asking friends and family to sponsor them. Our Middle School goal is $5000 which is very achievable if everybody gives something, however big or small. We are so excited to see so many students wanting to participate in such a meaningful and sacrificial way.

Some words from our Devotional Prefects: 

Remy Olsen shares, “By raising only $20 you can help a family’s food production, through giving something up for just 40 hours – you can help someone else! As devotional prefects, we are encouraging all students and families to get involved through raising funds and awareness. If you are not participating, you can support someone else by donating. World Vision needs our help!” 

Ashlee Simpson shares, “Being one out of thousands of people that participate in the 40 Hour Famine each year, my contribution is destined to positively impact someone else. Whilst participating, I had the constant thought that I was making an impact in the world and there’s also the thought of knowing that I was influencing someone else’s life; which gives you so much more motivation to keep on doing the positive things you are. Doing the 40 Hour Famine is a fantastic way for us to experience, even for a short time, what it’s like for others living in poverty.” 

If you would like to give towards our goal of $5000, head to http://www.40hourfamine.com.au/, click on ‘Support a team’ and type in Christian College Highton – Middle School,  then click ‘GIVE NOW’. Every donation will make a real difference to children suffering due to poverty and hunger. 



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