A Message from the Head of Senior School

Finishing with Dignity

I mentioned this phrase in a previous newsletter and was able to speak to the Year 12 students about it. We are endeavouring to provide the best possible conditions for your son or daughter to succeed in VCE. This means that teachers work hard to ensure the curriculum is covered and revised to allow mastery. That mastery is sometimes more difficult for some. Ensuring that students have a sense of leaving well assists their approach to learning. Research shows the sense of pride in the school helps learning through a positive relationship with their teachers.

The teachers are in the best position to ensure that focus in maintained up until the final examination. Parents and guardians are able to support at home by ensuring their son or daughter remains focussed on their work and not be distracted.

We often receive requests from parents of students in Year 12 for how they may support their child in their final year of schooling. It is difficult and there is no one solution. At present we are thinking through ways of better assisting you and your child in this matter.

There will be more information to follow.

Graeme Dent, Head of Senior School



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