Alpine Program

Christian College has an extremely well developed Alpine program that involves many students in Senior School. We recently had our Year 11 students return from two separate trips to Mt Baw Baw. Both groups were able to test their snow skills and develop new ones despite only a thin cover of snow, while learning about the Alpine environment. The staff at the ski lodge introduced himself to our leader, Mr Louis Gross, to congratulate him on the behaviour of our students. He was impressed with their manners and willingness to listen and help others.

This was very pleasing to hear and testimony to the students who see this type of program as an honour and not a privilege.

This week saw our Year 12 students depart for their Outdoor Education Alpine Program. They were very excited and looking forward to the skiing ahead of them. This program is led by Mr Cassidy Hurrell and forms an integral part of their curriculum.

This type of program sets us apart from other schools as the activities, skiing and snow camping in this case, are immersed in the curriculum. It is not a “value added” component but a natural consequence of the learning that has already taken place and will continue after it.


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