From the Coordinator - Year 6 Learning

Mr. Peter Fossey - Yr 6 Coordinator.

Building upon the challenges presented in Year 5, the students at Year 6 are challenged in similar ways. Setting goals, taking ownership, thinking critically, voicing opinions and using visible thinking strategies are some of the skills being cultivated into consistent personal dispositions.

As facilitators we are observing students that are delving deeper into the units of work being covered and are developing their own particular strengths and styles. Students are owning their 'Building Learning Power' (BLP) by tracking their 'Learning Muscles' with noticeable improvement being seen in their 'Resourcefulness' and capacity to 'Reflect'.

Our curriculum focus this term on Asylum Seekers and Refugees dovetails into our literacy activities centred upon Maurice Gleitzman's novel, 'Boy Overboard', which is the story of the journey of Jamal, a refugee from Afghanistan, 'Asian Influences' theme in Geography, persuasive texts in Writing, 'Heroes' and their characteristics in Christian Education and 'Natural Disasters' in Science.

Recently the students were privileged to hear from a guest speaker who made the refugee boat journey from Iraq several years ago. In doing this the students were able to make real life links into this current world issue and to build clarity into their own thoughts and opinions.

We are pleased to be pursuing the 'Learning that Matters'.


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